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Chris Cheney

Chris Cheney is a prominent figure in the world of fencing, renowned for his exceptional achievements both on and off the piste. With an impressive track record, Cheney's dedication to the sport has left an indelible mark. As a two-time team national champion, Coach Chris' skill and determination on the fencing strip have earned him widespread recognition. His commitment to excellence extends
beyond his competitive achievements, as he has also made significant contributions as a referee for the international federation, including the esteemed USA Fencing. With a keen understanding of the nuances of the sport, his expertise and impartiality have been invaluable in ensuring fair play and maintaining the integrity of fencing competitions.
Coach Chris' influence spans across various championships, with a remarkable three-time
record as an NCAA championship referee and five-time presence as an ACC championship referee. His ability to uphold the highest standards of officiating has contributed to the success and credibility of these prestigious events.
Beyond his role as a referee, Cheney's impact as a coach is equally noteworthy. His tenure as the owner of a successful fencing club stands as a testament to his leadership and coaching prowess. Under his guidance, the club produced two top-10 ranked
fencers, showcasing his exceptional ability to nurture and develop talent. With experience coaching in prominent fencing hubs such as New York City, Boston, North Carolina, and Rochester, NY, Cheney has showcased his adaptability and effectiveness in various competitive landscapes. His insights and techniques have influenced fencers across diverse regions, cementing his reputation as a sought-after coach.
Chris Cheney's journey in the world of fencing is a
remarkable fusion of achievement, leadership, and
dedication. As a decorated athlete, accomplished
referee, and influential coach, his legacy continues to
inspire both aspiring and seasoned participants in the sport. 

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