2020-2021 FEES


$110 monthly membership


$110 fencing classes




$220 per month


$110 monthly membership

Fencing classes (choose your path)

- recreational: $150

- competitive: $ 210


$260/320 per month

Yearly commitment: 


10% discount on both Membership and Classes,

save up to $400

Advanced & Elite

$110 monthly membership

Fencing classes (choose your path):

-recreational:  $190

-competitive:  $230

-elite:              $270

$300/340/380 per month

Yearly commitment:

10% discount on both Membership and Classes

Save up to $450

Private lessons

20 minutes 1-on-1 private lessons are available Monday-Saturday, also outiside the class times.

Price per private lesson varies between $40-$50 depending on the coach. 

Discount policy

We value the commitment of our families. We offer second siblings a 25% discount on fencing classes.

Additional family members get a 50% discount on fencing classes.