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"Hard work, works"

South Bay Fencing Academy is an organization devoted to promoting a culture of commitment amongst its members. Our fencing program is centered around our core values of high quality training, dedication, hard work, sportsmanship, respect and humility. 

We know that it is our responsibility to guide, help, support and mentor our students towards their individual goals and aspirations. We have a holistic approach that is designed to reinforce each student's confidence, self-esteem, physical and mental skills. We deeply believe that the individual athlete's well being comes first, and that any success that the fencer achieves afterwards is a result of our commitment to the individual.

We are aware that not every fencer will become a champion. But, we also firmly believe that that every fencer, through hard work and dedication, can become the best fencer that they are capable of being, the best athlete that they can be and be able to apply the lessons that they learn from this sport for the rest of their lives. We take pride in being a competitive club, and we encourage our students to strive to obtain their most ambitious goals while valuing the performance and not just the results, appreciating the process and the effort, not just the outcome.

South Bay Fencing Academy is dedicating to providing a dynamic, positive, healthy and inspirational environment where every aspect of fencing is taken into account including technique, tactics, sports psychology, athletic conditioning and mental toughness. We are proud of every one of our members, and even though fencing is an individual sport, we are even prouder of the camaraderie and team spirit amongst our students.




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